IYENGAR® yoga classes in Hay-on-Wye with certified teachers Cori and Pete Norton


IYENGAR® Yoga is accessible and inclusive - students range in age from 16 to 70+. Here's what some of them say about the classes...

"Pete and Cori are great teachers ... inspiring, patient and aware of everybody's different needs for each pose.The classes are well structured and the time just flies by, providing a welcome break from 'life' for a couple of hours" TJ

"I have found Wye Valley Yoga friendly and inviting, taking everybody's level into account. I have back issues so this really does help. Highly recommended. TB

“Cori’s approach to teaching has a perfect blend of confidence and understanding. She demonstrates poses beautifully and clearly, and talks the class through in simple to follow steps.  The classes have a lovely vibe, with a great welcoming atmosphere. Highly recommended"  MW

"I love it. I've been coming to class for a couple of years. Cori is a remarkable intuitive and precise teacher.“MK

"Cori is an excellent teacher and is able to give everyone her individual attention. I am 64 and have benefitted greatly, both physically and spiritually, from going to her classes.” SH

"Just come back to class after a break earlier in the year. I have missed coming to class and more importantly my back has missed it too! Pete and Cori are fabulous teachers; skilful, intelligent, motivating and very patient. A very positive experience" SW

"Cori is an inspiring and creative yoga teacher.  The classes are hard work and fun.  Cori has helped me to be more flexible and continually finds new ways for me move freely despite having half my back fused.  As a result I experience less pain.  I would recommend these classes to anyone !" NJ

"Just the right amount of fun and hard work" SE